14,015 The Communication Initiative, September 12 2019, Development Classifieds: Welcome to the Market Place for International Development!

The Communication Initiative Subscribe | Unsubscribe September 12, 2019 Development Classifieds: Welcome to the Market Place for International Development!    Follow @warrencomminit View The Communication Initiative on Facebook And please "Like" and "Tweet" all relevant pages below to your "Friends and Followers." THIS ISSUE INCLUDES: Job Vacancies Training and Events RFPs Books, Videos, Journals Development Classifieds is... Leer más →

14,014 We are social, Social Showcase: Samsung, Vodafone and more

RSS Feed from We Are Social Social Showcase: Samsung, Vodafone and more Lucky folk that we are, we’ve been able to work on some incredible creative projects for our clients over the last few months. Here are just a few top highlights: Celebrating 10 years of the Galaxy, with Samsung Global To celebrate 10 years... Leer más →

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